Biddeford Youth Lacrosse will use lacrosse as a vehicle to develop healthy, happy, confident, and well rounded children in the greater Biddeford community. Our goal is to empower them to become better citizens through the lessons of sportsmanship, teamwor

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Biddeford Youth Lacrosse was founded in 2005 for the promotion and growth of lacrosse in the Biddeford area. Our goal is to give lacrosse players and coaches the tools and opportunities to learn, and to excel at, the game of lacrosse through fun, fundamentals, sportsmanship, and honoring the game.
Absolutely! We strongly encourage anyone who enjoys watching active sports (or who thinks they might enjoy watching - lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet, you know) to come out for a game. Refer to the current season’s schedule to find the date and time of the next home (or away!) game. There is no admission fee!
Thanks for asking!  There are a number of ways you can be involved:
  • Help with coaching.
  • Help with sponsorship.  If you own a local business or just want to help with expenses, you can be a sponsor.  If not, perhaps you can help identify a sponsor.
  • Join the board.
  • Spread the word!  As one of the newer sports in Biddeford, many people don't know about us.  Tell all of your youthful friends to come discover the fastest game on two feet!
Absolutely!  Adults are role models!  Parents and players are expected to conduct themselves as Ladies and Gentlemen. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be accepted.  In the event of a problem, talk to the coach first and then contact the President.  The President’s contact information can be found on the Team Contacts page.
Black and orange (and white).
Our primary method of communication is via our web site and email lists. Our club policy is that we will not give out or any personal information (phone numbers, emails, addresses, etc.) of players or parents to anyone outside of our program without specific permission.  Player and coaches lists will generally be shared freely within the program.
Check elsewhere on this website - there is quite a bit of information there about dates, requirements, etc. Contact information is also available on the site.
If you have any additional questions, please email us at: . We will attempt to respond to your question quickly.
Since 2010, Biddeford Youth Lacrosse has been open to girls and boys in grades K through 8.  By popular demand, we added an in-house co-ed program for kindergarten, first and second graders. So that we can provide more challenge for our second graders, since 2013, they have had the option of playing in the K-2 program or playing on a 2nd/3rd/4th grade team at the discretion of the player and his/her parents.  To do so, the player must sign up for the 2/3/4th grade team, paying the higher rates and wearing full equipment. 
Any girl or boy living in southern Maine can join Biddeford Youth Lacrosse.  If your town has an available program, we encourage you to play there, but, nevertheless, all interested players are welcome at Biddeford Youth Lacrosse.  If a team is filling up, Biddeford residents get first priority through February 28 (first come-first served), followed by players from other towns (first-come, first-served).  Starting March 1, all remaining slots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, with Biddeford players no longer having priority.
If demand exists, an informational meeting may be held during February or March. Registration is conducted online, but you can also register in person at a Lacrosse Night if you don't have internet access. If you're in 3-8th grade (or a 2nd grader on a 2/3/4 team), you'll join US Lacrosse as part of your online registration. If you don't have any way to access to the internet and complete your online registration, you can simply show up with a check, your insurance and medical information, and a parent or guardian.  If necessary, you can also register by mail, using the forms that you pick up at a Lacrosse Night, but we strongly prefer that you register online because online registration is faster, simpler, and more accurate.  If no informational meeting is held, or you have any unanswered questions, please email the or , or follow the instructions on the home page, for further information.
Regular registration closes February 28. Registration fees are substantially discounted up until this date.  If space is still available, we may accept registrations until the start of season, but the sooner you register the better because most teams fill quite quickly. Please email the for further information
Lacrosse is a very intense sport, so anything you can do to increase your strength and endurance will be beneficial. In particular, run a lot. There just isn’t enough time in practice to get you into good physical shape. If a couple miles is a horribly long distance to run without stopping, don't despair. A couple times a week, run as far as you can (1 mile is good for beginners - work up to 3 or 4 miles). Also, when you are in the local fast food eatery, say to yourself, "Four double cheeseburgers is enough - another two will only haunt me later". Another important thing to do (for beginners especially) is to throw a ball at a wall - over, and over, and over.  150 to 200 "touches" a day is a good goal to strive for!  Work your off hand especially hard. In the long run, those with the best “stick skills” will be the most successful!
Absolutely! Biddeford Youth Lacrosse welcomes players of all skill levels. However, practices are geared towards improving the skills of players who already know how to throw and catch, and towards enhancing team play. This simply means that you will have to put in a lot of time (outside of practice) learning how to do the fundamentals. Try to find a lacrosse player to help you out since some of the techniques are not easily learned without instruction. Also, we highly recommend that you start practicing in the Fall so you will be ready to go in the Spring.  You might also want to attend our Lacrosse Nights during the winter to learn more about the game.
Biddeford Youth Lacrosse feels it is important for children in this age group to get exposure to a variety of sports and therefore will work to accommodate other sports schedules.  However, while the kindergarten, first and second grader program will meet just once a week, older groups often meet three to five times a week so it is difficult to balance with another sport that meets more than two or three days per week.
We try hard to work with the schedules of our younger players who are also playing baseball or softball.  We hope you'll decide that lacrosse is "your spring sport", but we'll support your baseball/softball activities while you decide.  We are not as tolerant of out-of-season sports, however.  At this age, every sport has a season.  The in-season sport should take priority.
The 2015 registration fee is $80 for players on a 2nd-8th grade team (discounted to just $65 through February 28!); in addition, you will be required to join US Lacrosse ($25, only required for players in the 2-8 program).  For players in the K-2 program, the fee is $40 (discounted to just $30 through February 28!) .  For either of these fees, you will receive:
  • weekly practices and games;
  • year-end T-shirt (assuming participation or "opt-out" of our fundrasing raffle);
  • a practice pinnie and uniform to keep when you join the program;
  • referees, coaches, and necessary team equipment.
In addition, you will have to purchase your own gear, at a cost of $90-250 for Boys and $50-100 for Girls. Goalie equipment is provided by the team.  In the K-2 program, all you need is a stick (and if you don't have one, we'll "rent" you one for free)!
Since 2014, we regret that rentals are no longer available.  Play It Again Sports in Biddeford will work with our players to get them into affordable gear.  Please contact Matt at Play It Again Sports for additional information.
Because the registration fees do not cover the full cost of running Biddeford Youth Lacrosse, we solicit sponsors to help defray our costs. Please contact a Board member if you know of a potential sponsor.
There are generally no additional fees. In the rare event that a team chooses to rent indoor practice space, or enter a post-season tournament or jamboree, there might be an additional per-player charge, but the activity would be strictly optional.
Boys and girls interested in playing with Biddeford Youth Lacrosse, but unable to afford either equipment or registration fees can contact the  to apply for financial aid.  We want you playing lacrosse and won't let finances get in your way!
Biddeford Youth Lacrosse will refund a player's BYL registration fee at any time, and for any reason, through April 15.  We want lacrosse to be right for your child and this allows a child who changes his mind to be able to withdraw without penalty upon the return of any pinnie, uniform, or equipment provided by the Club in the current season (if you have a uniform or pinnie from a prior year, it's yours to keep!).  After April 15, we can't issue refunds.  Unfortunately, we can't do anything about equipment refunds.  Finally, US Lacrosse will often refund your USL membership fee if you approach their membership department directly, but that's out of our control.
No. Assuming we have space, everyone who signs up will play. If we reach capacity, players will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, starting with residents of Biddeford.  Teams will be divided by grade and gender and, in rare occasions, skill level.
Not at all likely. This depends to some degree on how many players there are from each grade, but whenever possible our club and other clubs we play against divide players up by grade level.
We don't know for sure (how's that for an answer?). Kindergarteners and first and second graders will have their own co-ed program, meeting for an hour and a half on Sunday mornings.  So that we can provide more challenge for our second graders, they have the option of playing on our 2nd/3rd/4th teams.  Girls will have teams at the 2nd/3rd/4th, 5th/6th and 7th/8th grades.  Boys will have teams at the 2nd/3rd/4th, 5th/6th, and 7th/8th grade levels.  Some years we even have two teams at some levels!  Starting in 2015, our 7/8 grade teams will play in the Middle School league against schools from other nearby towns in addition to a few of our traditional club rivals.
Biddeford Youth Lacrosse can not guarantee team assignment requests. Placing children on teams of the appropriate level is our priority. Teams will be divided by grade and gender and, in rare occasions, skill level.
The boys' and girls' games are very different.  When you get to High School, you will be required to play on the team for your gender, if one is available. Because of this, Biddeford Youth Lacrosse requires girls to play on the girls' teams if there is an age-appropriate team is available.  (Boys always have to play on a boys team.)  If there is no girls team available for you, you may play on the age-appropriate boys team.  If you played on a boys team in a prior year because no girls team was available, you will be required switch back to a girls team when one becomes available.
We begin our season with indoor or outdoor practices in early April.  Unless you have been contacted and told otherwise, you should assume that you will be playing on the team for your gender and current grade (eg: a 4th grade boy plays on the Boys 2nd/3rd/4th grade team).  You can also check on the website, but this sometimes takes a week or two to get updated after you register.
Though the absolute maximum is somewhat higher, our teams typically have a maximum of 24-28 players.  In some cases where we have more players in an age group, we may split into two separate teams, or we might practice as one big team and then play games as two different teams, or even schedule additional games for an age group to ensure adequate playing time.  In all cases, the Board deliberates to discuss the best team size to balance demand and learning/playing opportunities.  Be sure to sign up early so you get on a team!
Players will play on the team that matches their current grade level.  In a few unusual cases, depending on the number of players on a team, a few players may be asked by the Club to play on a team at a higher grade level.  In this case, skill and experience (not just age/grade) will be the deciding factors. In addition, from time to time, players from other teams will be invited to “play up” or, rarely, to “play down” to fill out a roster for a particular game.
Practice and game schedules will be posted on this web site.  You can find your team's schedule either under the "Master Schedule" link or on your team's web page.  The full schedule will be posted on the web site as soon as it is available and will be updated with the most current information.  If a game or practice has to be canceled or rescheduled due to weather, you can find out on our home page.
Biddeford Youth Lacrosse plays other youth teams from throughout York and Cumberland counties. Most teams are “club”, or town recreation department sponsored, but a few are Middle School sponsored.  Starting in 2015, our 7/8 grade teams will play in the Middle School league against schools from other nearby teams.
Home fields vary around Biddeford (St Louis Field, Middle School, UNE, and others). Away games are played with other teams in York and Cumberland Counties. Directions to away fields can be found on the Directions page of the web site. Game schedules will be available on our home page or on your team's page when they are finalized.
Parents or players are responsible for transportation to practices and games. We encourage parents to carpool. Due to insurance and liability restrictions, coaches can not transport players to, or from, any events.  The 7/8 grade teams will (tentatively) have bussing provided by the schools to their away Middle School league games.
There are no formal leagues for youth lacrosse in our area. If an opportunity appears, a team may participate in a tournament or lacrosse festival, but there are no formal playoffs or tournaments at the end of the season.
We begin practices about the first week of April (depending on the weather and gym availability) and the season ends in early-to-mid-June.
Biddeford Youth Lacrosse teams will be in action two to five afternoons or evenings per week with either games or practice and the younger teams will generally have a game on Saturday (we try hard to avoid Sundays, except for the K-2nd grade program). The younger teams will meet somewhat less than the older teams. Our goal is to adhere to the "best practices" guideline of three hours of practice for each hour of games, but it's not easy.  Practice times vary Monday through Fridays; typically starting at, or after, 5:00 and ending by 8:00 PM (typical length of practice is 1 1/2 hours; older teams may go 2 hours). Practice specifics are dependent on what fields are available to us (and when) and coaches' availability/schedules. Info on this will be made available as soon as possible, and we will post it on the web site as soon as it is known. Due to scheduling challenges in our short season, the schedule varies substantially from week to week, a good guideline would be:


Generalized Team Schedules, 2015 (schedules may vary as necessary for training, game scheduling, field availability)
Players on Field
K-2 Boys/Girls
1 combined practice/scrimmage Sunday Morning

1 combined practice/scrimmage Sunday Morning

6 or 7
(no goalie)
Play Cross-field
Coaches officiate
4/12-6/6 or 6/7 (last event is Saturday, not Sunday)
Boys 2/3/4
2 evenings/wk
(hopefully fixed)
Every Saturday morning, a weekday evening game about every other week
4/6-6/6 or 6/7
Boys 5/6
2-3 evenings/wk
Every Saturday morning, up to 1/wk weekday evening games
4/6-6/6 or 6/7
Boys 7/8
3-4 evenings/wk
1-2/wk weekday evening games, 1-2 Saturday games or Festivals
4/6-6/6 or 6/7
Girls 2/3/4
2 evenings/wk
(hopefully fixed)
Every Saturday morning,  a weekday evening game about every other week
(no goalie)
Play Cross-field
Coaches may officiate
4/6-6/6 or 6/7
Girls 5/6
2-3 evenings/wk
Every Saturday morning, up to 1/wk weekday evening games
7 or 12
4/6-6/6 or 6/7
Girls 7/8
3 evenings/wk
1-2/wk weekday evening games, 1-2 Saturday games or Festivals
4/6-6/6 or 6/7
2 practices scheduled/wk through April vacation for each team IF we can get gym space
April Vacation practices required if you're in town

No games or practices on Easter Weekend
No games or practices on Memorial Day Weekend
Practices generally at St Louis Field or Biddeford Middle School
Home games generally at St Louis Field or Biddeford Middle School
Attendance at each practice and game is expected; the philosophy is to reward those that attend 100% of the practices/games with game time. How this is implemented is left to the coach's discretion.
Practices are crucial for preparing for the next game. "Best Practices" guidelines are three hours of practice for each hour of games; to come close, a player has to attend practices regularly.  It is expected that if a player misses a practice they will be excused by a parent ahead of time; either by note or message to the coach. Please let your coach know as far in advance as possible if a player is going to miss a game. Having to forfeit a game because of lack of players is very disheartening to both players and coaches.
We try hard to work with the schedules of our younger players who are also playing baseball or softball.  We hope you'll decide that lacrosse is "your spring sport", but we'll support your baseball/softball activities while you decide.  We are not as tolerant of out-of-season sports, however.  At this age, every sport has a season.  The in-season sport should take priority.
Any comfortable athletic clothing is fine for practice. Remember that layering is always a good idea. While it might be quite warm when we start practicing, it usually gets pretty cool when the sun starts to set. A water bottle is also a very good idea.
If there is bad weather we will update our web site with cancelations as soon as possible. On the Biddeford Youth Lacrosse home page, you can get a quick indication if there are weather issues by seeing if the weather icon (in the top left corner) is sunny or raining.  For details on weather cancelations, simply click on the weather icon or select the Weather page from the main menu.  In most cases weather decisions will be made at least two hours prior to the start of any event. Coaches may also attempt to contact players or parents if practices or games are canceled due to weather or other reasons, but the web site is the most reliable source of information.  Be sure to sign up for text notifications and you will get a text whenever your practices or games are canceled or rescheduled!
We have a limited amount of time and field space available and we will make every effort to reschedule if time and field space allows it, but we can not guarantee make-up games, practices, etc.
For Boys, Biddeford Youth Lacrosse games use NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) Boys Lacrosse rules with the US Lacrosse Youth Modifications.  For Girls, we use the NFHS Women’s Rules with the US Lacrosse Youth Modifications. These
You can purchase rules books from US Lacrosse.
For Boys: helmet (NOCSAE approved), shoulder pads, arm guards, stick, gloves, a cup, and a mouthpiece. Rib pads and cleats (soccer or football) are strongly recommended. 
For Goalies: Helmet (NOCSAE approved), gloves, mouthpiece, chest protector, a cup, goalie stick. Cleats (soccer or football) are strongly recommended.   BYL provides equipment for our goalies.
For Girls: Eye protection, mouthpiece, stick. Cleats (soccer) are strongly recommended.
Equipment is available online and at many local retailers; please see the Equipment page for further information.
Unfortunately, we do not have rental equipment.  Buying and then reselling used equipment at Play It Again Sports is a very good option.  If finances are an issue, please speak with Matt at Play It Again Sports.  PIAS is our lead sponsor and they will work with you to let you play lacrosse!
Yes. We hold regular clinics ("Lacrosse Nights") during the winter to introduce boys and girls to lacrosse and give more experienced players a chance to play during the off-season.  There are also many clinics available during the spring and summer. We will try to notify all players of these as we learn about them.
We offer a number of ways for new and experienced coaches (and parents, too!) to learn about the game. We run an annual coaches clinic in March. There are also other clinics available in the southern Maine area. Information about these can be found on the Maine Lacrosse web page at:  We also have available a selection of books and videos on youth lacrosse and encourage coaches to take US Lacrosse’s online training courses.  If a coach takes, and passes, the level 1 or level 2 online course, BYL will reimburse him/her for the cost of the course.  Check with our before taking a course, however, because we may be able to enroll you for free!
Please contact our  to borrow any materials or for further information.
Boys in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade play with minimal physical contact. The focus is on developing their lacrosse skills. Boys in 5th and 6th grades play with tightly controlled physical contact.  For 7th and 8th grades there is modest physical contact.  Girls lacrosse is more of a finesse game, with no contact permitted.  There is no contact at all (except occasional pushing and shoving for a loose ball ) in our Sunday Morning K-2 Program.
We have several videos of college lacrosse games available for loan so you can see how the game is played at the highest level.  The US Lacrosse web site has a good overview of the game and many good publications and videos available. There are many other good links available on the Links page of this web site. You can also search for “Lacrosse” on the Internet. Here's one we like:  Finally, US Lacrosse sells the “Parents’ Guide to the Sport of Lacrosse”; it provides a good introduction to both the boys’ and girls’ games.
US Lacrosse, based in Baltimore, is the national governing body for the game of lacrosse for both men and women.   It oversees the development of the game, encourages expansion to new areas, and sponsors national events.  In 2005, Biddeford Youth Lacrosse received an Equipment Grant from US Lacrosse to help get our program started.  The equipment received was valued at over $6,000 and our program probably wouldn't exist today without it.  Most years we also send several coaches to the US Lacrosse National Convention so that they can become better teachers for our players.
What does the US Lacrosse Maine Chapter do?
US Lacrosse is organized into regional chapters.  Each Chapter sets its own priorities.  The Maine State Chapter goals include: Coach development; referee development; and, new team development. These goals reflect the Chapter’s strategic plan to best support the continued development of the game in this state.
In addition, the Chapter sponsors and runs the High School Senior All-Star Game, coaches’ and officials’ clinics and disseminates information about lacrosse events an opportunities around Maine.
In addition to adding your support to the to the national and local organization described above, US Lacrosse membership includes comprehensive insurance coverage for players, coaches and officials with year round coverage while you play, coach or officiate for Biddeford Youth Lacrosse or in other summer league, camps and tournaments.  Another great benefit is eight issues of Lacrosse Magazine which will keep you in touch with the national lacrosse scene and is full of instruction and advice.
All players and coaches must be members of US Lacrosse.  Players are automatically entered in US Lacrosse as part of their registration fee.  Biddeford Youth Lacrosse also pays for all coaches to become members.  Parents and other interested parties are also encouraged to join.